Rare car stolen from shop in Duncan

Lawton - Four years of labor, thousands of dollars in parts, and a Duncan man's passion-- gone in a matter of minutes.  Robert Moore woke up this morning to find his prized 1951 Pontiac Chieftain Fastback missing from his garage in Duncan. He called police and they put out the word the car had been stolen.

A few hours later, an officer in Lawton spotted the yellow beauty sitting in a strip mall parking lot, still in prime condition. Moore says there are only about six of these cars still driveable in the United States and he estimates it's worth at least $80,000.

Moore said he walks into his garage every morning, where he works on old cars, including his 1951 Pony.  This morning was different.  "I went to open the door and the door was already open. The car was gone," he said.

Moore says it had to have happened during a three-hour window because his son was working late in the shop.  "I thought it was just going to be wrecked or stolen and put it in a car carrier and took it away because it's an expensive car."

Those few hours after he called police dragged by. Finally, the call came from Lawton, where it was apparent that whoever took the classic ride took care of it during the roughly 30-mile journey from Duncan.

Moore says whoever stole his car had keys to it.  He says a spare set disappeared from his travel trailer earlier this year.  Moore also believes the thief or thieves have been in his shop before, because they knew how to get into it without breaking windows or tearing up the doors.

Police did check for fingerprints and they're hoping that and other evidence might lead them to the culprits.