About Joan Scoggins

Hi, I am Joan Scoggiins and a new realtor in Lawton area. I was a realtor many years ago when my children were small so I guess one could say I am experienced in real estate. I have learned that there is always someone who can teach me something every day. I come from a military family and have experienced all the trials and tribulations associated with military life. The constant moving and finding homes, schools, getting the utilities turned on in a new area can be very tiresome. Because I am new to Lawton I am more than eager to help you find your dream home or sell your current home. I ride a red Honda Goldwing Trike nearly every day. Honk and wave if you see me, OR, follow me and Ole Red to your dream home!

If you go to Scoggins Realty website and still don't find what you are looking for then let me and the Red Trike help you find the house you like!!  We can show you anything in this area no matter which realty company has it listed.  We'll work our tailpipes off for YOU!

Call 580--272--8930 for Joan Scoggins.