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Stephens Co. Sheriff's Dept. bust wanted drug trafficker

STEPHENS COUNTY, Okla. - The Stephens County Sheriff's Department arrested a man, Wednesday, trying to sell drugs, and found $4,000 and a gun on him.

Officers arrested Frank Williams after they spotted him trying to sell drugs.  When they approached his car, they could smell marijuana.  They asked him to get out of the car, searched it, and found the drugs, money, and a gun.

They asked for his name and he said he was Frank Patillo from Norman, but he did not have any ID. They took him to the station and after he was fingerprinted and run through a federal database, they realized he was not named Patillo or even from Norman.  He lied, hoping the sheriff's department would not discover he was wanted in another state.

"As he was attempting to make his delivery, officers approached the vehicle and at that time they made the arrest," said Stephens County Sheriff Wayne McKinney.

When they pulled him over in this parking lot, McKinney says Williams was surprisingly calm and cooperative.

"For officer safety reasons we ordered him out of the car, found he was armed, handcuffed him and he didn't say much other then gave us his name," said McKinney.

The name he gave was not his name and McKinney says he had plenty of reasons to lie.

"He's bringing drugs and contraband into our county, not only that, he was armed at the time he was delivery these drugs, it's known now he's wanted out of Arkansas."

The gun Williams was carrying was stolen and loaded, something McKinney says no one should take lightly.

"It puts a lot of people's lives at danger, puts my officers lives at danger when they have to arrest a guy like that, guys who carry large sums of money and drugs are going to be armed."

Williams is wanted in Arkansas for drug trafficking and will face more charges since he violated his parole when he skipped state. McKinney says the drugs were brought out of Norman and he believes Williams had so much cash because he had already made some sales before he was stopped.  

During the bust, three pounds of marijuana was found.  McKinney says they hope to continue to bust drug dealers, sending the message they will not have business in Stephens County.

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