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Two women robbed, forced to get naked

LAWTON, Okla. - An armed man robbed two women Sunday night in Lawton in separate holdups and forced them both to strip naked. 

The robberies happened just after 10 p.m.  The first robbery happened at an apartment complex on the northwest side of the city and the next at another complex just a few blocks away. 

Both women gave the same description of their attacker, a black man, about 170 pounds, 6 feet tall, wearing blue shorts and a grey sweatshirt, and armed with a gun.

Lawton Police Capt. Will Hines says one of the women was standing outside her apartment when a man walked up to her and pointed a gun in her face.

"He told her to give him all her money, at that point and time he forced his way into her apartment and asked her again for money and anything she had," said Hines.

After he rifled through her belongs, he demanded something else.

"He got what money she had and then forced her in the back bedroom and ordered her to remove her clothes."

Police say that is when the robber tied her to her bed and then went back through her apartment and grabbed more money and some electronic equipment before taking off. The victim was able to wriggle free and call police, but just a few minutes later, police received another call from another apartment complex.

"A young man and woman were going to their apartment when they were approached by a black male, had a gun, said the same thing give me all your money."

Just like the first robbery, the suspect forced his victims into their apartment where he loaded up on more money and electronics.

"[The suspect] forced the male into the bedroom and then also ordered the girl to take her clothes off."

Hines says, in these two robberies, the women were very fortunate their attacks did not escalate.

"Anytime you have a situation like that, where a guy pulling a gun, robbing them, forcing them to take their clothes off, we're very concerned, we've got detectives working it to get this guy found before it gets out of hand."

Police say, so far the only witnesses they have are the victims.  They think the suspect had a car since the two attacks happened so close together and in a very short time.

No one was hurt in either attack. Police say, even though the man forced the women to get naked, he did nothing to them after they obeyed his orders.  Still, that amounts to sexual assault and the robber can be charged with that.

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