Police say mother/daughter team scammed area businesses

FREDERICK, Okla. - Frederick Police say a mother-daughter team scammed $11,000 from businesses in southwest Oklahoma in about a month. They arrested Delrena and Daisy McLaughlin Friday.

Frederick Police Chief Rick Guill says the two opened up several accounts with the minimum balance required. He says they would then get the checks in their names and write them to several quick stops and businesses in Lawton and Frederick. He says they weren't caught because many of those places aren't able to verify the checks at the time of the sale.

That's until Dad's Convenience Store Manager Kevin Gallagher picked up that something was wrong. At first, nothing seemed weird, as Gallagher says the two were extremely friendly, even asking about getting a job there. But then he says the pair started coming in three, four and five times a day.

"They were waiting for each shift to write a check when a different shift was over.  My clerks would only see one check but when I'd do a deposit I'd see three of four checks a day," said Gallagher.

So Gallagher called the bank to check on his suspicions and they confirmed them…their account was closed. When the manager saw the two come back into the store, he stalled them until police could get there to arrest them.

Chief Rick Guill says the mother and daughter could have hopped from business to business forever if Gallagher hadn't caught them.

"They were showing legitimate photo id's with names and everything on it and then writing and cashing their checks," said Guill.

He says there's no telling just how many other places they went to didn't catch it because of that reason. "They wrote at Dad's up to 13 [checks]. The younger of the two ladies wrote 28 checks around quick stops in Lawton."

As for Dad's, they say they were only out about $1,000.

Chief Guill says the mother, Delrena McLaughlin, has spent time in the penitentiary for bogus check scams before. Both are currently in the Tillman County Jail facing numerous bogus check charges.

If you've taken checks from either woman, please contact the Frederick Police Department at (580) 335-5702.