City of Lawton landfill burglary

LAWTON, Okla. - An unusual burglary in Lawton overnight Sunday. Someone stole money from the city landfill.

"One of the employees showed up for work, did her routine thing opening up and found there was four safes in the back and all four had been pried open," said Captain Will Hines.

Everything in each safe, including money, had been cleared out. Hines says surprisingly, the landfill does hold more than just trash.

"If you go to the landfill to drop off items and aren't a resident of Lawton you have to pay."

This burglary was pretty standard in that the burglar made off with the goods, but Hines said what's unusual is what was left behind.

"When the person who was arriving at work showed up everything was normal, all the gates were locked, so we're not real sure how they got in."

As of Monday evening, police didn't have any suspects and were still collecting evidence. They say it could be a random burglary, but haven't ruled it out as an inside job.

"There were some surveillance cameras detectives are looking at and hopefully will get some information from that and determine who committed this burglary."

If you have any information regarding this burglary, call Crime Stoppers at 355-INFO.