Area highways reopened; traffic allowed on SH 7 and I-44 in SW Ok

Undated_ Officials have reopened State Highway 7 between Lawton and Duncan.  The State Transportation Department has also reopened I-44, H.E. Bailey Turnpike, from the Red River to Oklahoma City.  However, the section of I-44 south of the Red River to Missile Road in Wichita Falls remains closed.  It may reopen soon, the because Texas Department of Transportation had closed that section to prevent traffic from being forced to turn around once they crossed the state line.

Traffic is moving slowly on most of U.S. Highway 287 in north Texas, but travel is strongly discouraged, as some drivers report having been on that road since late yesterday.

Northbound lanes on 287 near the Wilson overpass at the Wichita County/Clay County line are backed up for several miles because of accidents at the overpass.

Northbound lanes on 287 between Electra and Iowa Park remain closed.  National Guardsmen are rescuing stranded drivers by air and taking them to shelters.

Fort Sill is open, but the Apache Gate and 52nd Street Gates are closed.

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