Digging out from the Christmas Eve blizzard

Lawton_Many of you may be enjoying a white Christmas, but for those who decided to hit the roads, it's been a traffic nightmare.

Police say yesterday they were flooded with over one hundred phone calls - - most of which were made by stranded drivers - - or drivers who were involved in a traffic accident.

 Nearly a foot of snow left many travelers stuck for the holiday .

"There was a tremendous amount of accidents and just stuck in the snow," Wright said.

Captain Rusty Wright says many drivers abandoned their cars right in the middle of the road, something he says is okay for now, but will have to be moved soon.

"Those are the ones we use to get around, fire, ambulance, what everyone uses to get through, so we need those cleared," Wright said.

Even with roads cleared  and sanded, Wright says driving conditions are still hazardous and that you should only hit the road in an emergency.

"As the night progresses and the temperature falls what is wet now will become ice, and it's going to be very hazardous driving again," Wright said.

Wright says normally police would respond to all accidents, but until the weather starts to clear, they're asking some drivers to hold off from contacting police.

"If you have just a what we call a fender bender, a minor accident, exchange information with the other driver and contact us later and we'll do a report then," Wright said.

To keep from getting stuck or in an accident, Wright says there are some things you can do.

"A lot of people with trucks they put hay bales or something heavy in the back, gives them more traction, you do what you can to get traction," Wright said.

And if you do find your self in a sticky situation, Wright says be prepared for it.

"Cell phone, blankets, make sure you have plenty of gas in your tank in case you get stuck, like I said, depending on our call ration, it may be awhile before we can get to you," Wright said.

Wright says the most important thing to remember when driving on snow and ice,  is to slow down and to leave plenty of room between you and surrounding drivers.

If you have a stranded vehicle police say they won't have it impounded, if it's surrounded by snow and ice. Police say by Saturday they will expect vehicle owners to start clearing their cars from main roads.