Broken water line leaves Cache residents dry

Cache - Water problems in Cache put a damper on the holidays for some. That's because several of the residents were left without water following Thursday's storm. Cache Mayor Shawn Komahcheet says at first they thought the problems were due to frozen pipes, but now he says they've found out a contractor accidentally nicked a line in a new housing addition.

The mayor says the accident happened last Wednesday, but whoever did it  made the problem worse by not telling anyone.

The Cache Fire Department and other city officials were set up at the local gym handing out water on Saturday, while Mayor Komacheet to figure out what was happening and why the levels were so low.

"We started searching and we ended up finding a leak up on the northeast side of town in the new housing addition where some contractors had hit a six-inch main and broke it and apparently the leak had been since Wednesday. Only thing we can think of is, they're driving heavy equipment in there, and they hit one of the lines." said Komacheet.

Komacheet says they'd like to find the party responsible so that they can get reimbursed for all the trouble the leak caused. But in the meantime, the citizens of Cache are getting their water back.

"People are using a lot of water right now trying to make up for the stuff they didn't have the last couple days. A lot of people are showering and washing laundry," Komacheet said.

Mayor Komahcheet says in order to prevent this from happening again, they'll monitor their contractors more closely when they're in town.