5:00pm : Winter Storm situation update

Comanche County

Situation Update

February 3, 2010

Winter Storm SitUp 14

CITY OF LAWTON CONTINUES TO ASK CITIZENS TO CONSERVE WATER.  Use water only for cooking and minimal flushing of toilets.  Officials are asking citizens of Lawton and the affected communities to postpone the following activities:

o   Washing Clothes

o   Running bath water

  • Carwashes
  • Any non-essential water usage

Contrary to rumors, City of Lawton water customers are NOT under a boil order.

Areas affected by the conservation issues:

o   Comanche Co. – RWD 1, RWD 2, RWD 3

o   Geronimo

o   Medicine Park

  • Fort Sill

Anyone who has lost water is encouraged to slowly turn on their faucets ("bleed their lines") once water is restored in order to prevent any damages caused by air in water lines.

CHECK ON ELDERLY – Some citizens have been without power since Thursday. Temperatures inside those homes are now the same as the outside temperature. PLEASE CHECK ON ELDERLY AND ENCOURAGE THEM TO MOVE TO A SHELTER.

DEBRIS CLEANUP – City of Lawton residents who choose to clean up their own debris may leave the limbs/trees near their curb (NOT IN STREET).

    • Contractor MUST have city license
    • Ask for ID & Proof of business
    • Ask for State Tax ID
    • Ask for Written Estimate
    • Ask for Proof of Insurance


  • Oklahoma Baptist Disaster Relief has a "Chainsaw Team" in southwestern Oklahoma ready to assist individuals who have tree debris blocking their door, driveway or on the roof ONLY.  THEY WILL NOT HAUL AWAY THE DEBRIS, BUT SIMPLY MOVE THE DEBRIS FROM BLOCKING THE DOOR, DRIVEWAY OR ROOF.  CALL 8AM – 6PM; 405.443.7583 OR 405.496.1196.

LAWTON TRASH COLLECTION – Due to tree debris and low power lines, sanitation trucks are unable to travel alleys.  City officials are asking citizens to take trash to the street so it can be removed. For questions, call the SOLID WASTE COLLECTION DIVISION, 580.581.3413.

PRICE GOUGING STATUTE IN EFFECT – The price gouging statute prohibits an increase of more than 10 percent in the price of most goods and services when a State of Emergency has been declared.  Anyone who suspects price gouging is urged to contact the ATTORNEY GENERAL'S CONSUMER PROTECTION UNIT AT 405.521.2029.

HEALTH ISSUES – The Comanche County Health Department would like citizens to use caution with food during disasters and after prolonged power outages.  PLEASE VISIT THE CENTER FOR DISEASE CONTROL'S WEBSITE AT WWW.CDC.GOV OR GO TO THE FOLLOWING LINK; http://emergency.cdc.gov/disasters/foodwater/facts.asp


RESOURCE REQUESTS – Comanche County Emergency Management (CCEM) has requested numerous industrial sized generators from the State EOC for the following local water systems.  CCEM is also working with Lt Gov Jari Askins and Rep. Joe Dorman on this issue.

  • Comanche Co Rural Water District #1 – Generator operational. Conserve
  • Comanche Co Rural Water District #2 - Conserve
  • Comanche Co Rural Water District #4 - Conserve
  • City of Elgin – Water is operational. Citizens asked to conserve water.
  • Town of Fletcher - Generator operational
  • Town of Sterling - Generator operational


SHELTERS & FEEDINGThe following shelters and warming centers are open;

Bring own bedding (blankets & pillows), medicine and medical supplies. Please leave valuables at home.

  • Cameron Baptist (2621 SW ‘C' Ave, Lawton) – managed by Great Plains Red Cross
    • Oklahoma Baptist Disaster Relief assisting with feeding at Cameron Baptist shelter.
  • Comanche Nation College (1608 SW 9th St, Lawton)
  • Cahoma Building (573 N Quanah Rd, South of Cache Rd on Quanah Rd, Cache area)
  • Bohart Community Center -  (Main Street, Apache)
  • Elgin Fire Department  - (7892 US Highway 277, Elgin)
  • Medicine Park Community Center – (Medicine Park residents only)

Warming Centers

  • Comanche Nation Elder Center (1107 SW H Ave, Lawton)
  • Sterling First Baptist Church (Sterling residents only)

Feeding Center

  • Fletcher American Legion Bldg – (Selby & Tenneppee, Fletcher)





POWER OUTAGESApproximately 7,000 customers are still without power in Comanche County.  Power crews continue to work on current power outages. For downed power lines, if they are NOT arching, laying on your house, or covering the roadway, call your local electric service provider. Cotton Electric; 1-800-522-3520. AEP/PSO; 1-888-218-3919.

Detached Power Lines - Utility representatives advise they will reconnect power lines to homes, however the customer is responsible for repairing the meter can or the weather head if they are damaged.  These items MUST be repaired before the power lines can be reconnected.

  • Cotton Electric reports approx 4,720 Comanche County customers without power. They ask customers to go to their web site at www.cottonelectric.com for an updated power outage map.
  • AEP/PSO reports approx 2,294 customers in the Lawton area (including Cache and Porter Hill) are still without power.  Many more in the Indiahoma, Fletcher, Sterling and Medicine Park areas remain without power
  • CenterPoint Energy essential employees are working, but only responding to emergency calls due to the icy conditions and obstructed roadways. The natural gas distribution system is holding up fine and there shouldn't be any interruptions.
  • As electric power is restored, please give heaters controlled by electricity a 15-20 minute delay in turning them on in order to NOT overload the natural gas system.

HEATING SAFETYEmergency personnel want to remind citizens who strive to heat their homes with other sources to follow the following safety tips.

  • NEVER use a generator in an enclosed area (including a garage). Make sure the generator is outside and has proper ventilation.
  • Any fuel-burning heating equipment (fireplaces, furnaces, water heaters, space or portable heaters), generators and chimneys can produce carbon monoxide.
  • A gas oven or range top should never be used for heating. A fire could start and poisonous carbon monoxide (CO) fumes could fill the home.


Comanche County citizens are urged to call 2-1-1 if in need of information or referral to Health and Human services including shelter or feeding site locations.  Information related to your insurance coverage under your homeowner's policy should be directed to your insurance agent.