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Lawton Police raid local massage parlor

LAWTON, Okla. - A Lawton massage parlor owner is in jail Friday night after police raided her business on complaints to Crimestoppers that the parlor offered shady services.

Investigators say they have been getting Crimestoppers complaints about Classic Massage Parlor on Fort Sill Blvd. for months, not because of bad service, but rather, the kind of services they offered; sex and drugs.

Friday night, the massage parlors doors were closed and the owner and an employee in jail. Police say they were there Friday morning when they served a search warrant.  They were baffled by what they found during the search.

On its window, Classic Massage Parlor boasts its accreditations and licenses, but police say they failed to mention what else they offer.

"We had anonymous people tell us there were actual sexual acts going on instead of massages and that people were also using narcotics inside the massage parlor," said Lawton Police Det. Nancy Lombardo.

After getting a warrant to search inside, detectives say they confirmed those complaints.

"We found tons and tons of just bags of used condoms. We [also found] a lot of prescription medication that was not in its original prescription pill bottles," said Lombardo.

Police also found drug paraphernalia and pot. Even though police say they did not catch any sexual acts in progress, they believe that the evidence points to it.

"I would have to think there was some kind of sexual acts going on inside the business.  I don't think that's something that's in everybody's trash and not only the condom wrappers, but the condoms themselves," said Lombardo.

Despite the find, the owner tells police that they were running a legitimate business.  That is the last statement legitimate massage parlors want to hear.  While most offer only the services they are licensed for, it is the others that give their industry a black eye.

"We have always had problems with massage parlors being correlated with sexual acts instead of actual massages, and unfortunately this probably would put a bad name to that yes," said Lombardo.

Because of the holiday on Monday, it is going to be Tuesday before detectives can present their case to the district attorney.  His office will be the one to decide what, if any, charges are filed against the owner and the employee who were arrested.

One possible charge police are reviewing is whether the owner was knowingly maintaining the dwelling, her business, where investigators say the illegal activity was happening.

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