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Altus man shot in face after argument

ALTUS, Okla. – Altus Police say that a man was shot in the face after an argument shortly after 1 a.m. Thursday night in the 800 block of East Walnut.

Police were called to the hospital and that is where they found the victim, Tyrone Myrick and another man, Jerae Ray.  Myrick had been shot in the face.

They say it is early in the investigation.  They did arrest Ray, but not for the shooting.  They arrested him for tampering with evidence at the scene.  One neighbor says that he was at the house shortly before the shooting, but had just found out about it this morning.

"Yeah they were like brothers man.  I don't understand it.  We was all over there drinking.  We had a 5th of whiskey over there drinking and everybody got along good," said the neighbor. "You gotta be real mad at them I would think, to shoot somebody right in the face!  Point blank in the face."

Altus Police Capt. Mike Turner says this kind of violent crime spurs investigators on to work harder to solve the case.

"Anytime you have an individual that would inflict that type of injury to someone else that's a person we want to see off the streets of Altus," said Turner.

Turner says that this kind of crime is unusual for the area.

"It is an older neighborhood in town but these are not constant problems in the neighborhood," said Turner.

The same neighbor says people in the area are friendly, but those two men had a special relationship.

"They sat out here on the porch together every day.  If that didn't happen they would be right there right now," said the neighbor.

Police have not been able to talk to Myrick because of his injuries.  He is in critical condition tonight at an Oklahoma City hospital. Police will question him as soon as they are able to.  They say those two men were the only ones there at the time and that the actual homeowner was not home.

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