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Rival gangs shoot it out in Frederick


FREDERICK, Okla. - Rival gangs are behind about a dozen calls to police in Frederick about gunshots being fired over the weekend.

One of the bullets hit a house about seven blocks from where it was fired. Frederick Police have been working to find out what is behind this sudden rise in gunfire.  So far, they can only point to a gang rivalry, and hope they can stop it before someone gets hurt.

Police say a local group with gang ties got into some sort of argument with another group with gang ties from the Dallas area.  Even though their anger was aimed at each other, one of their bullets ended up about seven blocks away and hit Frederick resident Mike Winn's house.  Winn says the bullet that hit his house made a distinct sound.

"It made a slapping noise.  Slap!  Slap!," said Winn.

If it had happened 30 minutes earlier, the situation could have been tragic.

"Only 30 minutes, earlier my son, his wife, and their baby had just left.  The line of fire where the bullet went is right where they would walk to get in the vehicle," said Winn.

That is exactly what Frederick Police Officer Tim Duncan says they are worried about, innocent bystanders who are never fully protected.

"This area there's a lot of elderly folks.  They're scared to death and a lot of kids play up in that area.  We don't need bullets flying up everywhere," said Duncan.

Duncan says situations like this are dangerous for police officers too.  Especially with some of the types of ammunition they found, which are more powerful than what the police have.

"This bullet here came from some sort of SKS assault rifle.  Very dangerous to police officers," said Duncan.

"I'm not necessarily afraid of gang or random violence breaking out in front of my house, but it's just something we have to deal with," said Winn.

Duncan says that right before 7News interviewed him he got some information from witnesses that the two groups are still mad at each other and they plan on continuing their feud.

Frederick Police say they have not made any arrests because the witnesses they have talked to all say it was too dark to give an exact description of who was doing the shooting.

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