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Victims' family speaks about Supreme Court ruling

David Brito David Brito

PAMPA, TEXAS - Every day since Hank Skinner's stay of execution last February, his victim's family has been checking the US Supreme Court web site, waiting for a decision about the 1993 crime.

"What 17 years? How long does it take. He could have already been executed," family member David Brito said.

But when that ruling finally came down Monday, they didn't feel much better.

"It's all politics. Forget the family. Prolong the waiting the suspense. The agony. Ah, just play politics."

The Supreme Court decision was in favor the convicted killer. Skinner told NewsChannel 10 in a death row interview last year that extra DNA evidence could clear him of murdering his girlfriend and her sons. This ruling allows Skinner to ask the federal courts to consider testing that extra evidence - meaning the case will be stalled out in litigation for who knows how much longer.

"We look forward to making our case in federal court that Texas' inexplicable refusal to grant Mr. Skinner access to evidence for DNA testing is fundamentally unfair and cannot stand," defense attorney Rob Owens said.

But the victim's family would rather skip the next court phase and have the evidence tested anyway.

"Just test it so he can be executed, and we'll be done with everything," Lisa Busby said.

"It would mean peace. It would mean not having something hanging over your head. It would mean him paying the price for what he did," Brito said.

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