Marlow residents take advantage of one dollar gas

Hundreds of people were filling up their gas tanks in Marlow for just one dollar a gallon.

It's all thanks to the Marlow First Baptist Church.  They teamed up with the gas station across the road from their building to sell gas for one dollar with the understanding that the church would pay for the difference.  The line of cars wrapped all the way around the block, with some drivers waiting for hours.

The church says they just want to help real people with real problems.

"A lot of people come through and tell you how hard times are and it's just an amazing feeling to be able to help them," said Liz Wright, church volunteer.

"We believe in the power of prayer. More than that, we believe in the One who answers prayers and if we pray for folks that may actually end up filling a bigger need than gasoline will," said Joe Ligon, pastor.

This is the second year the church put on the gas event.  Church volunteers were also washing car windows and offering prayers.