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Memorial dedicated to longtime Ft. Sill game warden

Fort Sill_Former Fort Sill game warden E.J. Ardoin was honored Friday in a memorial service on post. 

A stone with Ardoin's name now marks the E.J. Ardoin Natural Resource Compound on Fort Sill. He died last year, not long after he ended a 60year career with the federal government. The area sits next to the building Ardoin spent so much time in while employed as the supervisor of sportsman services and game warden.

Several friends, family, and former co-workers joined the ceremony and unveiled the stone that they say was placed in a place he loved the most... The outdoors and among soldiers.

 "E.J. was a one-of-a-kind type person. He was the person that people either loved or hated, and most of them loved him," said Glen Wampler, national resource administrator at Fort Sill.

Wampler worked for Ardoin for many years and quickly became friends with him. He says Ardoin inspired people to have a love for the outdoors.

 "We've had people come by today who said they were the son that used to hunt with his dad a long time ago on Fort Sill.  One guy even ended up going into the fishing and wildlife service and becoming a biologist," Wampler said.

Ardoin was known for loving nature, but he was even better known for loving his soldiers.

"He was very forceful in how he did things, but he was always looking to make someone happy, to take care of someone, to make sure the solider was treated right. Command could have their way, but he made sure the lower soldiers, since he was an NCO, that they were the ones that got treated right," Wampler said.

Ardoin's longtime friend, Phil Easton, says he met Ardoin while fishing and hunting, and says he couldn't think of a better gift for the community to give his old friend than a memorial in his name.

"He was one of a kind, very genuine individual," Easton said.

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