Shots fired call leads Altus Police into car chase

ALTUS, Okla. – Shots were fired in Altus Tuesday night, which led to a chase that ended with a car crashing into a tree in front of a home.

Neighbors called police when they heard the gunfire in the area of Chris and Debbie streets.  They gave police a description of a car they saw driving away and a few minutes later, police found a car that matched the description about a mile away and gave chase.

Have police been able to figure out if the car they chased was the one spotted by witnesses at the shots fired call?

Police have yet to determine if the car they chased was the same one spotted by witnesses.  One woman who heard the shots fired says there is a ton of traffic coming and going at the intersection of Chris and Debbie and that it has gotten rougher over the past year.

"I know we had to have the cops out Saturday because they were having a big party and as soon as the cops showed up they all ran inside and never let the cops in," said the woman.

The woman did not want to be identified.  She says she has lived in the area for 11-years and is about ready to move.  She says her husband is the one that called the cops.

"He looked out and saw the two cars driving off."

Altus Assistant Police Chief Mike Turner says he does not know where any of the cars went from the shots fired scene, but when they tried to pull a vehicle matching their description over…

"There was a short pursuit of vehicle that matched description of our original caller.  During the pursuit at the end of it the vehicle crashed into a tree," said Turner.

The two people in the white Chevy Impala that crashed into the tree quickly got out of the vehicle, so police were not able to determine who the driver was.

"It's too early to say.  Naturally these incidents are disturbing.  We don't take it lightly.  We are not just gonna stop.  We're gonna go until all leads are exhausted," said Turner.

Police say the investigation is ongoing.  They are still interviewing witnesses and there could be some arrests but there have been no arrests made so far.  They are also not sure why the driver of the Impala ran from them.

Police also add there was no one hurt by the gunshots or when the car crashed into the tree.