Memorial Day at Altus Air Force Base

Altus AFB_Joined by airmen and civilians, Altus Air Force Base unveiled a new monument remembering 112 fallen loadmasters who served on the many missions of the C-141 Starlifter aircraft, which was stationed in Altus from 1967 until 2001.

The ceremony featured a 21-gun salute to he loadmasters, who oversee the loading of cargo on a military transport aircraft.  

Whether the shipment was troops or other special equipment, the precise placement of cargo on the starlifter was the final say of the loadmaster.

It's a task Senior Master Sergeant Kyle Disney was honored to be a part of.

"In 1988, during the intermediated nuclear forces treaty where we flew in inspectors into southeastern Russia for the first time. That was during the Cold War, so Russia was our enemy."

The Professional Loadmaster Association Trailblazer Chapter of Altus spent two years working on the monument here at the base, collecting the names of crewmen who have been a part of the 40-year life of the C-141 Starlifter.

"Altus did train every crew member aboard the C-141 aircraft starting in 1968 until the aircraft was retired in 2006," said General Mark Solo, former Altus Air Force Base Commander.

Sergeant Disney says today was emotional for him, knowing personnel who died aboard the aircraft.

'I think they would be very proud. In fact, I know they would. Their family would be very happy."