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Raw food is the most natural form of nutrition for your dog - as evidenced by the astounding results our customers experience every day. Freedom from allergies, help with weight loss, and improved skin and coat are some of the amazing testimonials we receive.Nature's Variety offers complete and balanced, ready to serve raw diets for dogs. Our Raw Frozen Diets lead the industry as the first to be scientifically substantiated through AAFCO Protocol Feeding Trials.

We also carry the full line of Kong products for the enrichment of your pet's mind and tough toys for the most vigorous chewers. Alongside the tough toys, we carry softer toys for your puppy or senior dog.We have a full range of training equipment for the hunter in your family and pull harnesses for your Husky or Pit Bull. We also carry 12 inch training leashes and 50 foot tracking leashes. Prong collars and choke chains are also available for training. Our sales staff can help you pick out the right equipment for your needs and show you how to use it properly.Our treats include everything from soft chews for training to natural animal parts that are delivered straight from a local farm. We also carry the full line of Booda Bones and Nylabones.

Just 4 K-9's has a huge selection of supplies for your furry friend. Our store contains a 100 foot wall of leashes and collars alone! It contains high quality brands, like Lupine and Leather Brothers, at reasonable prices. There are also Swarovski crystal encrusted collars for the diva in everyone's family.

We now have Tail Bangers baked cookies. They are made with human grade ingredients and use honey instead of sugar. Choose between yogurt, plain, peanut butter, and carob icing. Try them for your dog or for yourself. They are yummy!