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About Tone Zone

Tone Zone 24 isn't your typical fitness center. We're one of the few places in Southwest Oklahoma that's open 24 hours a day and offers fitness, weight loss programs, and tanning --- exclusively to women.

Our main features include:

1. Women and members only - We provide a facility strictly designed for women, from the exercise equipment to the weight loss programs. Having a members only facility allows Tone Zone 24 to create a community, rather than a simple gym.

2. Open 24 hours, 7 days a week- At Tone Zone 24, you're not restricted by gym hours. Make your fitness schedule completely your own. Whether you want to work out before work, after work, or in the middle of the night, you have options with 24 hour access at Tone Zone 24.

3. Security Cameras - We don't just want you to feel healthy, we want you to feel safe. Our on-site security cameras are there for your safety and protection.

4. Fitness coaching - If you need some guidance, we can provide it with fitness coaching. Best of all, it's FREE as part of your membership.

These are just a few of our features. If you're interested in becoming a member, give Tone Zone 24 a call at (580) 357-8261 in Lawton or (580) 252-2639 in Duncan. Visit our website at www.tzfitness.com/.

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