At Tone Zone 24, we offer tanning services at both our Lawton location and in Duncan. Tanning is included free with your membership. Like our fitness equipment, our high quality tanning beds are accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

At our Lawton location, the tanning rooms are inside the fitness facility. We have 3 tanning beds, one with a shoulder tanner. We also have one leg tanner. Tanning lotions are available at 50% off.

In Duncan, members have access to a completely separate tanning salon, 24 Hr Tan, located next door. Your Tone Zone 24 membership card will access 24 Hr Tan. At 24 Hr Tan, we have 15 units, including a leg tanner, stand-up unit, vhr beds, and beds with shoulder tanners. 24 Hr Tan also has a lotion vending machine and like the Lawton location, all lotions are 50% off.

In Duncan, we also have two red-light therapy beds. These aren't meant for tanning. They emit an infrared light that reduces fine lines and wrinkles and helps to promote collagen and elastin production. This treatment is often $30-$50 per session in high end spas, at Tone Zone 24 it's FREE!

There are several health benefits to tanning, including increased production of vitamin D in your body. You can receive these tanning benefits and more with a membership at Tone Zone 24. Visit our website at www.tzfitness.com for more information.