Brief downpour blamed for wreck, tree damage

Lawton_The brief rain in Lawton Wednesday evening caused a major headache for one Comanche County Sheriff's deputy.

It happened a little after 7pm on East Rogers Lane.

According to Sheriff Kenny Stradley, one of his deputies was responding to an alarm call when he lost control of his vehicle rolling it over.

Sheriff Stradley said it does look like the weather played a role in the accident.

"Anytime it rains, the oil comes up and it makes it really slick and he lost control of the vehicle and rolled it over. Thank the Lord, he's okay and nobody else got hurt," Sheriff Stradley said.

The Oklahoma Highway Patrol is investigating the accident.

At approximately the same time, a wind gust estimated at 45-50 miles an hour split a large tree in the front yard of a home on the city's northeast side.