OSU Preps for Arizona with Quick Turnaround

STILLWATER - Oklahoma State rolled over Louisiana to the open the season. But the Cowboys don't have much time to digest the victory with Arizona coming to town on Thursday.

"I would say that most coaches, on a quick turnaround, you worry about fatigue of your players," Gundy said. "Whether they're going to be able to make that turnaround and play with a lot of energy. I would hope that our preseason plan is going to allow us to do that."

"It's kind of the same how we do it during two-a-days," Cowboys safety Markelle Martin said. "Physically, you have to prep your body, you have to keep your hydration, you have to get in the cold tub and do everything the right way. More is going to be on us mentally, are you ready, have you done your film study. With that approach, you have to be ready."

Preparing for a game in four days is a slightly different process than normal, one that OSU has had difficulty adapting to.

"Everything is pushed forward," said linebacker Shaun Lewis. "Today, for us, is a Wednesday. So Thursday is technically Saturday for us so everything we do on Saturday is happening Thursday. So, it will definitely take some people by surprise, some of the older guys know how to adapt to it. Some of the younger guys will follow along."

"It just changes things, your days are a little mixed up," Martin added.  "Wednesday feels like Friday. It's just different. We're going to do the exact same, we just don't know what day it is basically."

Even the game routine on a Thursday is something the pokes have found challenging.

"You're in a routine, then you have a walk through then you go back to the hotel and watch ball games, there's no ball games on. So, some of our guys watch the History Channel, others watch Spongebob. There's a real contrast as to what they can actually do during the afternoon," Gundy reflected.

"Thursday is kind of our slow practice day. So now we have to push...it's all mixed up now. We don't know what's supposed to happen. If the coaches say go practice at this time,we'll be out there, try to have fun and get things accomplished," Martin added.

Gundy also said that he has learned not to push his players hard during the short turn around. He said you can't expect as much with a small recovery window. One thing is clear.: Gundy wants his players fresh for Arizona on Thursday.