Lawton Capital Improvement Projects

Capital Improvement Projects (CIP) are the primary mechanism for funding both infrastructure and quality of life improvements within a vast majority of municipalities.The City of Lawton is no exception and will be encouraging voters to make their vote count concerning the 2012 CIP on Tuesday, October 11, 2011. The proposed 2012 CIP consists of a large variety of priority projects that will collectively total $120 million over the next 7 years. Generally speaking, this proposed CIP is divided into two distinct funding categories, that is, up to $100 million in sales tax funding and up to $20 million in Ad Valorem (e.g. property tax) funding. Should the sales tax portion of this ballot question be approved by voters it would simply extend the current sales tax rate resulting in a "no-tax increase" ballot measure. In other words, voters would contribute no more and no less to the 2012 CIP as compared to the previous CIP. Please click here to view a comprehensive presentation of all individual projects and their associated costs that are included within this proposed CIP.

The upcoming election date for City Council, Wards 6-8, and the ballot measures for 2012 CIP will be held on Tuesday, October 11, 2011.  If you are not yet registered to vote, you must do so by the close of business on Monday, September 17, 2011 in order to become eligible to vote in this election.  We would strongly encourage all eligible citizens to act immediately on one of the following options to preserve their right to vote and make their voices heard on this important community initiative:

  1. Citizens can download the official electronic State form and follow the instructions within at -; 

    - OR –

  2. The required State form can also be physically picked up at the following locations: The Comanche County Election Board Office, Tag agencies, Public libraries, Post offices, and/or the State Election Board. 

For more information on registering to vote or casting your vote please visit the following Comanche County website address:

You may have noticed that this year's election dates have been moved to an earlier period than other municipal elections that have occurred over the past several years. Please note that this change of date is due to the County's special opportunity to participate in a State sponsored program that will allow citizens to vote electronically using modern technology. Because this is a new and unique initiative, it must be monitored closely by State and County officials to insure a seamless transition to this new technology. The City of Lawton has agreed to participate with the County, by scheduling an earlier than normal election date, for the purpose of allowing the County Election Board to fully participate in this very exciting opportunity provided by our State government.

As a valued citizen, there are several resources that you can take advantage of in order to learn more about the proposed 2012 CIP or any other City projects, events, and/or initiatives you are interested in. In many cases you will want to start your research by identifying your City Councilperson. The most convenient self-help method to identify your elected representative is to first visit the City's Graphical Information System (GIS) website to determine the Ward number and Official's name for the respective area you live or work in at: After you have determined which Ward you are in you should visit the City of Lawton's website to view contact information for your elected representative at:

Alternatively, you can contact the City Clerk's Office at (580) 581-3305, the City Manager's Office at (580) 581-3301, or the Mayor and City Councilperson's Office at (580) 581-3279. Please be aware that your elected officials do not hold regular office hours at City Hall as they are part time individuals participating in other full time activities or employment. In closing, city staff is happy to personally attend your neighborhood or corporate event for the purpose of presenting objective information to your entity; however, we respectfully request that your group confirm a minimum attendance level of 20-25 individuals in order to maximize our time as well as yours. Thank you for your interest in learning more about the 2012 CIP and your commitment to making our community a premier destination location within the greater southwest Oklahoma region!