No water in Walters

Walters_Walters residents are without water tonight.  City officials say a faulty control system in the water treatment plant is to blame, and without that, the plant can't function.

"It controls the pumps, and controls the flow rate through the filters. It calibrates the metering on the chemical that's added to the water," said Walters City Manager John Shepard.

We first became aware of this problem Monday morning when Shepard called 7NEWS asking us to tell folks to conserve because of the panel problem.  But even that wasn't enough.

Residents drained all the clean, drinkable water out of the tower by late Monday afternoon.

Sheppard said their system dates back to analog days, so it's at least 20 years old. He said there had never been a problem, until now.

"Don't flush toilets. Don't wash clothes. Don't take baths. We may be pretty stinky down here before we can get this thing resolved," said Sheppard.

Experts from Oklahoma City drove in Monday to assess the situation, and offer advice on how to fix it.  They say it probably won't be solved quickly.

"They(the circuits) are expensive, so it's not something we have a spare of. The problem may not be replacing it. The problem may be reprogramming it," said Shepard.

In the meantime, Sheppard will turn to outside resources to help them during this critical time.

"We will probably look to the National Guard, or whoever we can get, to bring in portable tanks of potable water," Sheppard said.