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Ghost hunters investigate Old Plantation in Medicine Park


LAWTON_Comanche County Ghost Hunters believe they heard a voice saying, "Heck was wanting this", while investigating the Old Plantation recently in Medicine Park.

Heck Thomas was the first police chief of Medicine Park.

He was a staple in the community and has been dead since 1912. 

After reviewing their video and audio recordings, they saw a shadow, a mysterious candle flicker in an empty room and picked up an EVP, or, Electronic Voice Phenomenon.

Charles Eichert told 7 News he first heard ghostly gab while investigating the Old Plantation a year ago.

Since then, he started his own team to continue with investigations.

Last month, his team heard "Heck was wanting this," from what they believe to be a spirit.

At that point, they did not even know who Heck Thomas was.

An EVP was caught of the voice and is now saved on Charles Eichert's computer, and a photo was captured that night and looked to the group spookily similar to a photo of the late lawman.

But there is more.

On the third floor of the plantation, which was turned into a brothel shortly after Heck Thomas' death, the shadow of what the team believes to be a male was caught on camera, following behind fellow hunter, Cody. 

"I was more a skeptic of it, because I didn't really see the whole thing, but because of the shape and how tall it was it, there's no way that could have been Cody," said Comanche County Ghost Hunters Co-Founder, Elvis Keel.

The team came to a conclusion that with their evidence there is more business to be done in the Old Plantation.

"There is definitely activity there. There is definitely paranormal activity there," said Eichert.

"They have unfinished business," said Keel.

Next the team will use their ghost hunting equipment to scour the old plantation more.

They have a plan.

It starts with tracking down the obituary of Heck Thomas.

"We're gonna look for the sequence of events for leadership of the old plantation. Who owned it? What year it was sold? Who it was sold to? And once we further our knowledge about it, we'll go back in and do another investigation," said Eichert.  

Unlawful sex and excessive drinking were prevalent in Medicine Park in the early 1900's.

Heck Thomas was said to have arrested over 300 people for those crimes during his time as police chief. 

The Comanche County Ghost Hunters are a non-profit organization. 

They will do home investigations for free and say their main goal is to help people and make them feel more comfortable.

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