Tipton couple trapped in cellar after tornado

Undated_Tornadoes rumbled through southwest Oklahoma Monday afternoon, leaving damage in Snyder and Tipton.  In Tipton, at the home of Tommy and Frances Potts, power lines were down, pieces of scrap metal were dangling from the trees, and the roof was practically non-existent, following a tornado that hit their property.

"We were standing out on the back porch and we kept hearing a train, like a locomotive, and we said, 'Well, there's no train'. There's a train track down here but there's no train up here, and I turn and come back to the front door and when I did, I saw the tornado coming," said Tommy Potts.

The couple immediately went to their cellar to seek shelter.

"The door was trying to come up and I was trying to hold the door down, and all of a sudden I couldn't hold it anymore and it blew up. She was on one side of the cellar and I was on the other and I was trying to tell her to hang on against the wall. About that time, it blew that tree over and when it blew that tree over, it blew that cellar door back down and we were stuck in there," said Tommy Potts.

Their son had been keeping on eye on the radar, and knew that his parents' house was right in the thick of things.

Through broken up phone calls, the message was relayed that his parents needed help.

"Our son and his friends, they came out and sawed down the tree and got us out," said Frances Potts.

After they were rescued and the storm passed, the mangled house was filled with people who know and love the Potts--all very grateful they were not injured.

"Oh, you could not imagine. We are just as thankful as we can be. They are wonderful. We have a wonderful community in Tipton," said Frances Potts.

The Potts said they have no idea where they will turn next because they have never been through something like this before.

They are relieved to know that most everything they lost is covered by their insurance.

The last time Oklahoma experienced a tornado in the month of November was in 2008.