New detours coming Tuesday to 38th Street

Lawton_The Northwest 38th Street project will enter a new phase on Tuesday.

Jonith Grundmann of the City of Lawton's Engineering Department said workers are preparing to change the detours that will take effect then. For some time now, 38th has been open from Meadowbrook Drive north to Cache Road. On Tuesday, they will close another section of 38th.

"Traffic that wants to enter the subdivision in this area, they'll come off Cache, but they'll have to go down 40th street, which turns into Elm, then comes into 38th. They'll be able to go down 38th, but there will only be two lanes, one in each direction. So they'll come down 38th for a short distance to Meadowbrook. We're going to be working on the Meadowbrook intersection off and on, so at times, they'll be turning down Cherry," Grundmann said.

Workers are expanding 38th Street from four lanes to five. They're also adding retaining walls, and putting down layers of dowel reinforced pavement. The project is expected to be completed sometime this summer.