Judges to define districts, set primaries soon

Associated Press

AUSTIN, Texas (AP) - Three federal judges in San Antonio will soon start resolving 1 of the great political mysteries of the year: When will Texas hold primary elections and what will the congressional and legislative districts look like?

Texas was supposed to take part in Super Tuesday on March 6, but federal judges have blocked maps drawn by the Legislature. Minority groups say they are discriminatory. Now the state is waiting for three federal judges in San Antonio to draft temporary political maps. The court will hear arguments on Tuesday and Wednesday.

If they produce maps by Feb. 20, there is a chance Texans will vote on April 17. But any delay beyond that could push the primaries into late May, and ruin plans for the state Republican and Democratic conventions in June.

Chris Tomlinson is the supervisory correspondent in Austin, responsible for reporting on Texas state government and politics.

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