Five face charges in Cotton County meth bust

Cotton County_Thanks to a Cotton County farmer, five suspected meth cooks have been arrested, and roughly $100,000 worth of meth is off the streets.  It happened on U.S. Highway 70, one mile east of Lone Star Road, after a nearby neighbor smelled a foul odor and called the sheriff's department.

Cotton County Undersheriff Tim King said he's had his eye on this group of suspected meth cooks for about six months, but they were lying low--never buying enough pseudoephedrine to alert authorities. But, that one phone call helped authorities nab them and see the product first hand.

Pictures taken by Cotton County deputies the night of the bust showed dozens of coffee filters full of drugs. It was the result of one of their largest meth busts ever. King says just one filter weighed 130 grams. The street value?

"$100 a gram. So, that's 13-thousand dollars in one coffee filter and you couldn't count the filters and stuff that was down there," said King.

Roger Parker, Brian Collins, James Deray Smith, Robin Durham, and Tammie Yates are now behind bars facing a variety of state and federal charges. King says, for now, the community has some peace of mind.

"(There are) probably ten houses within a seven- to eight-mile radius out there and everybody out that way can probably sleep easier at night not worrying about a lab blowing up you a half-mile from their house."

King says the two women in custody, as of right now, are not being tried federally, but it is a possibility. It will all depend on how they cooperate during the court proceedings.

Parker, Collins, and Smith will all make their first appearances in federal court in Oklahoma City Tuesday