Salvage yard fire destroys combine

Comanche County_A huge fire broke out at a salvage yard just east of Lawton and destroyed a high-dollar combine.

The fire started around 12:30pm Monday at Triangle Salvage and Motor, along Highway 7.

Robert Yates told 7NEWS he was driving into Lawton when he noticed a billowing cloud of smoke coming from the business, so he stopped his car, opened the gate, ran inside the building, but no one was there.

"There was just flames everywhere. I mean, it was like, it started popping and it made a couple of big, kind of like little mushroom clouds from the fire," said Yates.

Yates called 911, and within minutes the fire department and employees showed up.  They were able to put out the fire and move the other combines away from the flames.

Estimated damage to the combine is $125,000.