Elgin girl gets Amtryke at State Capitol

 Oklahoma City_An Elgin 4th grader got a special gift Monday in a special way--as a special guest at the State Capitol.

Kassadee Clay got a new bike, but it's not your ordinary bike.  It's an Amtryke, a bicycle designed for children with disabilities, just like Kassadee.

The Lawton Mountain Metro AMBUCS presented Kassadee her new set of wheels on the floor of House of Representatives.

Mountain Metro Chapter President Rick Kerr is also the national president of the AMBUCS group. Their national convention will be held this summer in Oklahoma City, so Lawton Representative T.W. Shannon invited Kerr to the capitol to promote AMBUCS and the things the group does for people with disabilities, like Kassadde.

When she was just 12 days old, Kassadee was diagnosed with a rare condition called arthrogryposis-- it makes her bones stiff and causes her muscles to develop abnormally. That has held her back for many years, but she has never lost the strength to fight on.

"She was limited, but it never stopped her. She has will power that a lot of people would die for. She's got lots of it," said Stacy McIntosh, Kassadee's mother.

Monday at the State Capitol, Kassadee was given a special bike to help her move around..

But this isn't Kassadee's first bike she has received from AMBUCS. She got her first Amtryke at just 4 years old, and she has made a lot of progress since.

"It's helped her out a lot. She can use her arms and her feet and she uses the arms, the muscles, works the muscles up and she can use her feet and it helps the muscles in her legs as well," McIntosh said.

Rick Kerr said Amtrykes are for kids just like Kassadee, giving independence to children with disabilities.

"Her getting an Amtryke today on the floor, not only AMBUCS promotes but it introduces AMBUCS to the entire state of Oklahoma through what were doing through the representatives here today," Kerr said.

Aimee Carter, Kassadee's therapist, says arthrogryposis is a very challenging disease, and says Kassadee's is a severe form, but hopes this bicycle will make for a brighter future.

"She's required multiple surgeries from birth so this bicycle will allow her to at least maintain some of the results she got from surgery, and hopefully keep her from having more surgeries," Carter said.