"Bucket man" alive and well, and speaking to 7NEWS

 Lawton_A man reported missing a week ago and even thought to be dead was found Sunday night alive in good health.

Emanuel Tolbert, 55, better known as "Bucket man" or "T", is a homeless man who roams Lawton with a bucket offering to clean people's windshields for a few dollars.

Several businesses contacted police after his bucket was found abandoned and he was nowhere to be found.

But Sunday, Lawton police were notified he was in an Oklahoma City homeless shelter after Tolbert contacted a local shop owner and asked for a ride home.

Turns out Bucket was taken to an Oklahoma City hospital after he told police he had been badly beaten. Once released, he had no way to come back until John Whitted, a local mechanic concerned with his whereabouts, called him.

"He called us back and we told him we were going to come pick him up," Whitted said.

Whitted says he and his shop owner often employed Bucket for odd jobs and didn't hesitate to bring him home.

"He's a great friend of mine. Anything I can do for him, I will do for him."

In fact, we found Bucket at that mechanic shop happily back at work Monday afternoon.

"I wash cars with those buckets.  I'm the best in the world, satisfaction guaranteed, any time any place anywhere 24 hours a day, no rain checks," Tolbert said.

He says when he learned he was rumored to be dead he was shocked.

"When I learned my family knew I was dead and I didn't, that was the hardest that was the hardest thing that happened to me."

But was happy when he heard how much he was missed.

"I want people to always be glad to see me."

Bucket says he's glad to be back in Lawton but he plans to go back to his home state of Alabama.

"I wanna go home to Birmingham, Alabama! Roll tide!"

Until then, Bucket says if you want your car cleaned, you can find him in south Lawton.