UPDATE: Search warrant preceded Kirby's resignation

LAWTON, Okla. – More information has come to light on last week's unexpected resignation of Comanche County Commissioner Ron Kirby.  Court records show a search warrant was served on Kirby's office the Friday before he resigned, and investigators found pornographic pictures on his cell phone, a memory stick and his work laptop.

Investigators say the images included pictures of his 1st deputy, Carrie Tubbs', head positioned on a nude female body.

The document says the investigation started after Kirby had asked another courthouse worker, Chris George, for help in transferring pictures from his phone onto another memory device in Kirby's desk.

George told investigators it was during that process that he discovered the pictures, and that there were pornographic videos that had been downloaded to Kirby's work laptop. George said he told Tubbs about the pictures.

Tubbs told investigators she then brought the situation to county attorney Jerry Cude's attention, who advised her to get an attorney.

The investigator concluded his report by saying it appeared a violation of the Oklahoma Computer Crimes Act had occurred.

7News tried to reach Kirby for comment, but he has not responded.