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Family of Melissa Bost holds press conference in Altus

ALTUS, Ok_The family of an Altus woman who's the victim of a homicide is pleading for the community's help to find her killer.

Today the family of Melissa Bost held a press conference asking anyone with any information leading to Melissa's murder to come forward.

The State Medical Examiner's Office says she died from sharp force trauma to her head and neck.

Altus police say they have some clues but still no suspect in the 49-year-old woman's death.

Her body was found in a car in an alley on Tuesday. Investigators now say they believe the initial attack happened somewhere else, and then the killer ditched the car, with her inside in the alley.

Melissa's family says everyday it gets harder to come to terms that she is gone. They say they will never understand who could have harmed a woman as kind and pure as her--and are opening up today to the Altus community, hoping someone steps forward with more information.

At the press conference today, Melissa's husband Tony plead for the help of the community.

"If anybody out there knows anything, anything they can just look, just look man, she was a daughter, she was a wife, she was a loving mother, she didn't deserve this," Bost said.

Less than 48 hours ago he and his family were given the heartbreaking news that Melissa had been found dead.

"My wife was a happy person wouldn't harm anybody, easy going, would help anybody, very vibrant person, she just wouldn't hurt anybody."

Her daughter Chelsea Anderson says Melissa wanted nothing but happiness for the family.

"Everything she did was to try to make sure that we were happy and I think we all took it for granted and I would give anything to just have my phone ring one more time and it be her."

She says she last saw her mother Sunday. Melissa had stopped by Chelsea's home in Oklahoma City--on her way to pick up her son Chance--and schedule time with her grandson.

"She wanted to know when Cason, which is my little boy was going to be available because she wanted to take him to the zoo," Chelsea said.

Tony and Chance remembered their last moments with Melissa-- Monday night.

"The last thing she said to me was good night. It was right before I went to bed, I gave her a hug, you know I never heard from her again, I really wish we could have spent more time together," Chance said.

"The last she did was came and kissed me good night, that was the last time I saw her," Tony said.

They say all they want now is closure.

"I just hope whoever did this, I hope they never get another night of sleep and I hope that their guilt eats them alive for taking my mom away from me away from my little baby, away from all of us.

The woman, who found the body, said she first noticed the car behind her house around 9:30 Tuesday morning. Since, her family says they last saw her Monday night, that would narrow the time frame for the killing, especially since police believe it happened somewhere other than the alley. 

Police Chief Tim Murphy was also at the press conference, but didn't provide any new details about the case. 

Altus police say anyone with additional information about this case is encouraged to call crime stoppers. The number is 580-482-TIPS.

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