Dental clinic opens on Fort Sill

Fort Sill_The newest dental clinic on post is now open---and military officials say it's special for a few reasons. The clinic is dedicated to Colonel James Jay Weeks, who, in the early 1900s shaped the foundation of army dentistry.

Doctor Daniel Bates, the officer in charge of the new Weeks Clinic, says the new clinic is environmentally friendly and incredibly up to date.

"We have the most high-tech available teaching aids for the patients in the rooms, as well as being able to bring up digital rating graphs, which we'll actually be able to take her in the clinic. As well as in our lab facilities, we can actually do all porcelain crowns for patients in a day and send our troops out ready to go at the end of that appointment," said Dr. Bates.

Doctor Bates said it was a goal of all of those involved to open the clinic on Colonel Weeks' birthday, March 9th, and that's exactly what they did.