Green man group

Lawton, OKLa.

A group of green men caught the attention of several children and their parents Saturday afternoon at Liberty Lake Park.

7News cameras were sent to the park after several viewers called and said their were green men playing with children inside the park.

Turns out the men were only teenagers who ordered the costumes and headed to the park with their little brother to entertain his friends.

"We came out for a normal day at the park, we rode our bikes from the house and all of a sudden some green men came from nowhere and it was kinda strange at first but all the kids seem to love it, " mother Amber Shropshire said.

Hagen Fletcher was one of the few children who knew the green men, they were his older brothers. He and is friends enjoyed leap frogging with men in green and watching them pretend to be animal or even trees.

"They try to like be funny and they act like trees."