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All 3 suspects in two home invasions now in custody

LAWTON, Okla_Another suspect in two recent violent home invasions turned himself in today.

Christopher Scruggs surrendered to the Comanche County Sheriff's Department around eleven this morning.

He is one of three men wanted in connection with the crimes in Tillman and Stephens counties two weeks ago.

This morning, a member of Scruggs' family contacted 7News and said he wanted to make a statement to us before turning himself in.

Scruggs said he did it for his young daughter, barely a year old, who he wasn't letting go of during the entire interview.

He said he realized he made some bad decisions but says he made them to take care of his family after being laid off.

He said he wanted to take responsibility for his crimes.

Overcome with emotion, the Scruggs family, walked into the Comanche County Courthouse so that Christopher Scruggs could surrender to authorities.

But before he turned himself in, he wanted to tell the public why he was doing it.

"For my family, just to get everything done and over with and get my name cleared and to be able to be in my daughters life," Scruggs said.

He says he felt he had no choice but to break the law because of a recent layoff.

"Me and my wife basically, my unemployment gave out, I lost my job a bunch of months ago when Affinitas closed down. I mean, I was just looking for good deals buying a selling stuff, just trying to keep a roof over our head."

Tillman County Sheriff Bobby Whittington said he's glad Scruggs turned himself in. A move he says probably kept both law enforcement and Scruggs safe.

"He lessened the possibility of somebody getting hurt and trying to take him into custody a police officer or him himself. I don't want to see anybody else hurt, there has been enough and its time for this to end," Whittington said.

The past few weeks have been hectic, but he praised the teamwork between his department and Stephens County.

"When a gun was found in Lawton that came from a Stephens County burglary, it just kind of started trickling on down. We started working together and working real hard on it and it paid off."

Scruggs said he knows he is going to jail, but he wants to make one last plea for redemption.

"I'm not a bad person, like I said; I am not involved in any of that. I know I broke the law with what I was a part of and that's why I am here," he said.

Scruggs has been transferred to the Tillman County Jail. He is being charged with first-degree burglary.

We've also learned that charges have been filed against Scruggs' wife, Bethany Tangocci, for knowingly concealing stolen property.

According to the affidavit, police arrested Tangocci after investigators found several items in the Scruggs home that belonged to the invasion victims. Tangocci told investigators on May 3rd that the items started showing up at her home about a week before and that her husband told her they were stolen.

If convicted, she faces up to five years in prison and a $500 fine.

The last of the three suspects in these home invasions has also been arrested. 

Sheriff Whittington said Leon Edwards was nabbed in Decatur, Texas, after a gun battle with authorities.

Whittington is now on his way to Texas to work out the details of bringing Edwards back here. 

The third suspect, Douglas Brown, was arrested in Lawton last week.

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