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The parents of Brian King speak out

LAWTON, Okla_The parents of Brian King, Jr. are speaking out tonight about their son and what they know about last night's chase and shooting.

The Kings said they are shocked about what happened and they will never understand why he did what he did.

Brian and Barbara King gripped each other tight; mourning the death of their 25-year-old son, the last time they talked to him was yesterday, Mother's Day.

"He was nice; we just got through eating the last meal that I cooked for Mother's Day. All the ribs he took me to the store. I said I could walk back and he said no I'll take you back home because I just want to go back home and go to sleep," his father said.

He said that was about 11:45 last night. His son lives just two blocks away, and figured he was heading there after dropping him off, but less than two hours later, Brian and Barbara were woken up by the sound of police sirens, and when they looked outside, they saw their son's van, leading the chase.

"A barrage of police behind him...the Cache police...the highway patrol, the sheriff, the Lawton police...the Cache police were the first one's behind him all the way," he said

The Kings said they ran outside and seconds later, he drove by again and they tried to flag him down.

"He stopped slowed down and he looked at us and he didn't look mad...he didn't look sad...he just looked at us and he kept going," he said.

They said he passed by their house a total of three times.

"He acted like he wanted to stop...but there was so many of them behind him...I think he was afraid to stop," she said.

Brian said he believed his son was about to surrender right in front of their house.

"Then they pulled a gun out right there and I said please don't shoot him right there and they didn't shoot him," he said.

Junior took off again, but the chase ended in gunfire, just a few blocks away.

"We have not been to sleep...we have been crying we just don't have any more tears," she said.

"We just been asking god to show us what's really going on because he's not like that he's never been like that," he said.

The Kings said they are still waiting trying to piece together exactly what happened right now they just want some time to grieve with their family.

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