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Blue-green algae is believed to have killed to dogs at Lake Ellsworth

LAWTON, OK._A tragic story after two dogs died within hours after eating blue-green algae on the banks of Lake Ellsworth this week.

The dogs owner, a familiar face at all the fishing coves on the lake says he took three of his dogs to the lake on Thursday, but hours after leaving, his dogs fell violently ill, vomiting the toxic algae they ate after drinking the water.

Now, two of those dogs are dead and now their owner is making it a priority to make sure other dogs are safe and that their owners are warned.

Tim Lauer talked to city officials after seeing his dogs vomit the blue-green substance he saw them eat while at the lake.

They told him it was blue-green algae that can be extremely toxic when consumed.

Lawton City Parks and Recreation Director, Kim Shahan, spoke to 7 News over the phone and confirmed the algae is believed to have caused the dogs death and that a sign warning people of toxic substance has since been posted.

For Tim Lauer and his dogs, it was a ritual to fish Lake Ellsworth.

"I never really liked dogs, I never owned a dog, until I got Huntergirl. Then I got Oliver and Moses. And Moses was meant for mom, to keep her company while me and Huntergirl and Oliver were fishing. But Moses seemed to love it just as much as everybody else," said Lauer.

The dogs were raised helping dad fish.

But two days ago, their daily trip to their favorite cove did not go as planned after they ate this blue-green substance found floating in the water.

"Moses wasn't running around, chasing Oliver like he normally does, so I picked him up and his jaw was starting to get tight, he was feeling like the life was out of him," said Lauer.

Moses was vomiting uncontrollably.

"Within 90 minutes of being home, he was done. His eyes fogged over and that was it," said Lauer.

Tim knew Huntergirl could be next.

Twelve hours later, she started showing the same symptoms so he rushed her to the vet.

"We couldn't do anything. She didn't have enough blood pressure to do an IV or anything. I had to put her to sleep so she didn't suffer like little Moses did," said Lauer.

Huntergirl was Tim's first love and sadly died doing what she loved with her best friend.

"Country boys best dog. Nothing better. That was her goal to make daddy happy. And she did it. Everyday," said Lauer.  

Tim Lauer says even though he's extremely upset over the loss of two of his best friends, he wants nothing but for the public to be warned of the algae.

He says he was happy to see the sign he requested posted, and hopes the water will soon be tested.

If you, your children or your pets have come in contact with blue-green algae, the symptoms start with vomiting.

Health officials say it immediately attacks your liver.


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