Home Fragrances

Fill The Air With Your Favorite Home Fragrances From Tyler Candle Company, Aromatique, and Lampe Berger.

Flowers by Ramon brings you the area's largest selection of home fragrances. They can be great gifts for anyone and can provide much more than pleasant aromas. Home fragrances are fantastic for creating a relaxing atmosphere or seasonal mood.

Tyler Candle Company specializes in fragrances, but are not limited to candles. Tyler scents include those based on flowers, spices, foods, and fruits. These scents are available in melts, diffusers and reeds, glamorous laundry washes, automotive fragrances, and even hand washes and lotions.

We also offer an extensive line of Aromatique products including potpourri,  room sprays, diffusers, and oils.
Our selection of Lampe Berger catalytic burners provide fresh, clean scents in in stylish lamp designs that complement any home.

Whether you choose Tyler, Aromatique, or Lampe Berger, your home will be filled with wonderful fragrances that everyone will love.

Visit our website at www.FlowersbyRamon.com to view or purchase our selection of Tyler Candles. You can also see all our home fragrance collections by visiting our store at 2010 West Gore Boulevard in Lawton.