Lawton native in final four of MLB Fan Cave Competition

Kyle Thompson has spent his summer in Major League Baseball's fan cave in New York City. He's had the opportunity to watch just about every game of the baseball season, host events, concerts, numerous celebrity and player appearances along with a trip to the All-Star Game in Kansas City last month. It's been a dream come true for a baseball junky like Kyle.

"It's so far exceeded my expectations and it's probably been that way since day one," Thompson said. "Just the people that we've been able meet, the individuals we've been able to talk to, the experiences we've been able to have, the blessings we've been given by Major League Baseball and by their players and just by being around each other, it really is incredible."

Kyle has represented himself quite well. He was one of nine super-fans to enter the cave, and now he's in the final four, where he's got a great chance to win the competition and a job with Major League Baseball.

"I don't want to handicap what my chances are of winning something like this," said Thompson. But the main goal in mind is to comport myself properly enough to where after this is all done where I have some options of working for either the league or with different clubs in Major League Baseball."

Kyle needs your help, and more specifically your votes to win the contest. You can vote for him by going to his profile page on You can vote as many times as you'd like.

You can also follow Kyle on Twitter and Instagram. His handle is @kyleokc.  Or you can like his facebook page;

Kyle has already received a ton of support from his home state, something he's incredibly grateful for.

"There are people that are just from the Lawton area or just from up in the panhandle that will send me a message on twitter and just say, hey I'm an Oklahoman. You're representing us well. Thank you so much. And you have no idea how something that positive has an affect on me. It's just so great to hear that because I take the fact that I'm representing the state of Oklahoma very seriously and I have a lot of pride for my state. The support that comes from the state of Oklahoma and from Cardinal nation, that's the reason why I'm still currently here living out my dream."

The winner of the fan cave competition will be crowned before the end of the 2012 World Series.