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Demand in donor breast milk could cause a shortage

The demand for donated breast milk is increasing in hospitals.

According to the US Department of Health and Human Services, breast milk has the correct amount of nutrients needed to protect infants against diseases. That protection is leading to a demand in donated milk, especially for mother's who can't produce it themselves.

Lactate specialist Tiffany Erickson says that although there's a good supply in our area, there could be a shortage.

We're told many women who could potentially be donors are unaware of this option. Erickson says she is always needing donors.

"It's used relatively often, but not all the time. And most often now it is used in our neonatal intensive care units because that's where it's really a life saver. There just no doubt about it, it is an absolute life saver there," PhD Thomas Hale, Texas Tech School of Medicine pediatrics professor says.

NEC, a stomach condition in premature babies has dropped 14% with the use of breast milk since 2010.

It is a simple process for women to get screened to become donors. After that milk can be brought to any drop off location.

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