Sooners Eager to Correct Mistakes Heading in to Week Two

For the fourth ranked team in the nation, the Oklahoma Sooners did not get off to the best start against UTEP Saturday.

The crimson and cream left El Paso with a 24-7 win, but it was clear the team was out of sync.

"I thought the first half, and really throughout different parts of the game, we weren't playing as precise as we needed to be," coach Bob Stoops said. "We missed some scoring opportunities that were set up."

"We've got a lot of younger guys playing and we haven't played all year," quarterback Landry Jones said. "This is our first game back. We just weren't in sync."

Most of OU's troubles came on the offensive side of the ball. Jones was taken down three times against UTEP after only being sacked 10 times in 2011.

"A couple of them were covered," Stoops said. "He had time to throw and needed to throw the ball away, or we need to get open. And then there's a time or two where he did get pressured. We got caught with a play or two where either from the box we need to change it, or we need to be able to recognize it as it's unfolding and pick it up."

Defensively, the Sooners were solid. The unit gave up no points and held the Miners to 48 yards through the air. But up front, the defensive line struggled against the run, allowing 207 yards on the ground.

"Well a couple of issues really pretty fundamental. Early on, a couple of occasions, our defensive end was just a little bit too far up field and we have it all taken care of along the line and he'd bend it back and there's the crease. When you run up field, the ball bends back. It gets inside of you. So some of those instances the defensive end just needs to sit at home and play it. All things we feel pretty confident that we'll be able to handle and moving forward they're things that we'll continue to work."

Certainly the Sooners have a lot to clean up before their home opener against Florida A&M in week two.

Kickoff against the Rattlers is set for 6 p.m.