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Reaction to Daisy Strout's case ending

Amarillo, TX - A man is sentenced to probation after he pleads guilty to killing his girlfriend almost two years ago.

Daisy Strout was found dead in a parking lot near Georgia and 15th October 2010, now the man accused of killing her pleaded guilty.

The 47th District Attorney's office says after speaking with Daisy Strout's family and getting their full support, they decided to make a plea agreement.

"It came about in regards to discussions with her family and also the facts and circumstances of the offense, and after all of us know all of that including the family and us, everybody believed that the right thing to do as far as justice is considered is to put him on probation," said District Attorney Randall Sims.

Along with ten years probation, Buse is ordered to serve 120 days in jail, including the anniversary of Strout's death for the next nine years.

As District Attorney Randall Sims said, they had full support from the family, but for some friends, the punishment does not fit the crime.

'For me, it's a tragic loss for this community, I think ten years probation is not enough for this community he should have gotten some jail time," said Michelle Morris, Daisy Strout's friend.

We spoke with Strout's mom last year on the one year anniversary of her death, she told me she was using her death to help others.

"I don't want my daughters death to be in vain, I want it to be learned by everybody learning and passing it on that domestic violence is not the way to go,"said, Daisy's mom, Rhonda Strout-Ferranti.

Long time friend, Velma Cagel wants Daisy Strout to be remembered as the loving friend she was and hopes others may still learn from her death.

"Remember her, remember her name, remember her story and if you ever get into a domestic violence situation, get out," said Cagel.

I am told "Team Daisy" a group of friends and family will continue to hold a candlelight vigil for daisy on the anniversary of her death and walk in the Family Support Services walk against domestic violence in her memory.

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