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Tattoo removal in our area on the rise

Amarillo, TX - Tattoo removal is on the rise in our area but some types can never fully be erased.

The American Medical Association just published a new study which found removals to be less successful if a person is a smoker, their design contains blue or yellow coloring or is larger than 12 inches.

Amarillo Tattoo Removal Clinic says blue takes longer to be removed, requiring more sessions which can take up to a year.

In most cases only 60 to 90-percent of that color is out at the end of the process.

There are even some inks that do not come out at all, including ball point pen and everlasting.

"You can't hit the laser with a red the same way you would with a black ink, it changes. Then it's really funny because over time sometimes your ink colors can change colors. You know it will look black for a long time and then look green. So you have to change the settings of your laser to know what to hit," says Cheryl Hanes, Amarillo Tattoo Removal Clinic.

Larger tattoo's can be an issue because it must be broken down into quadrants and takes longer to remove.

The Amarillo Tattoo Removal says with what they see at their clinic, being a smoker does not affect the process.

For tattoo removal questions - Amarillo Tattoo Removal Clinic: 806-367-3718

For tattoo questions - Music Box Body Art Studio: 806-372-8287


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