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Wildfire threatens homes in Paradise Valley

PARADISE VALLEY, Okla_A grass fire threatened a few homes in Paradise Valley Estates in Northern Comanche County.

The fire broke out along Meers-Porter Hill Road around 12:30 Wednesday afternoon. Firefighters managed to put the flames out in about 15 minutes, but the fire rekindled about three hours later. Firefighters say the five-foot flames burned almost two acres of land, spreading quickly because of today's winds.

You could see how close the fire came to jumping the road, not to mention, that the fire was less than a few feet from a utility line. Luckily, the flames were not high enough to hit the line. A resident whose house was right across the street from the fire said the close call was a terrifying deja vu.

When Telena Cobb heard the sirens, an all too familiar feeling came over her. It wasn't good.

"We had a fire here about five years ago. You can still see the trees out there that had burned. Its frightening to see flames leaping into the air and five-foot from your propane tank."

When she got outside, she saw the fire spreading and firefighters trying to contain it.

"The flames being whipped by the wind, coming up across the hill and the smoke and as usual, our wonderful volunteer fire department was all around. Spraying it down."

Firefighters say the fire started and quickly worked its way south behind a fence. But the problem was the winds kept shifting and their biggest concern was that the fire would jump Meers-Porter Hill Road.

"It was real close to the road. It was in a field where there were no homes but just on the other side of that road there were homes. So, our biggest concern was to keep it contained on one side of the road," firefighter Tom Zivkovic said.

They managed to do just that. Cobb said today's fire put her on edge, so when that last flame was put out, all she felt then was relief.

"Thank goodness for the firemen and their quick responses. I am very, very grateful."

Firefighters from several surrounding departments worked together to put out today's fire. They say last night's rain helped add some much needed moisture to the grass. If it had been drier, the fire could have been worse.

Firefighters have not determined what caused the fire. They say it is under investigation.

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