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Ryan says foreign policy "blowing up in our faces"

FORT COLLINS, Colo. (AP) _ Republican vice presidential nominee Paul Ryan is criticizing President Barack Obama over the protests in the Middle East, saying the region ``looks like Tehran in 1979.''
   The Wisconsin congressman is referring to the 1979 Iranian revolution that led to the storming of the U.S. Embassy in Tehran and the 444-day hostage crisis that helped undermine President Jimmy Carter's administration.
   Ryan told a crowd in Fort Collins, Colo., on Wednesday that Obama's foreign policy is, in his words, ``blowing up in our faces.''
   Ryan continued to hammer Obama's foreign policy during a visit to Colorado Springs, and he promised not to cut military spending.
   Earlier this year Ryan voted to set up automatic, across-the-board cuts in Pentagon spending next year as part of a bipartisan deficit-reduction agreement.

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