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UPDATE: Heavy rains cause problems for motorists

LAWTON, Okla_While today's rainfall may have been a welcome sight for some it was a headache for others. The Oklahoma Highway Patrol said a three-car collision on Interstate 44 by Fort Sill's Key Gate was one. Officials say a Ford Taurus heading southbound was going too fast and hydroplaned across the median. It skidded into the northbound lanes and hit two pickup trucks.

Luckily, no one was seriously injured.

The problems didn't stop there. The rain also caused severe flooding across the area.

Water wasn't the only problem today. One person had their car stuck in the mud but not for long, thanks to a Good Samaritan.

We were desperate for rain and we got it today. Some places more than others, like the intersection at F Avenue and 9th street or the bridge near 11th street and J. Just about 30 yards from there, one driver dared to risk going through flooded streets.

"I was shopping for some furniture and then all of a sudden I got stuck, because you can't tell the water from the road really," Amber Sharrow said.

She was trying to get away from rising waters and a made a quick decision.

"I said I wasn't about to drown, so I jumped the curve."

She ended up getting stuck in the mud with no way out until someone nearby came to her rescue.

"I was coming over here to churches for lunch and I came through here and saw several people stuck when I got done. I decided I'll just help them out," James Ward said.

That is exactly what he did. Ward pulled Sharrow's car out like it was nothing.

Officials say with rainfall like today's, never take chances on driving through flooded streets. Instead, find another route. They also stressed to slow down to at least 10 miles below the posted speed limit.

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