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Man Killed in Early Morning Shooting


The third shooting this year in the parking lot of a local bar has left one man dead Saturday morning.

Police responded to shots fired near Fort Sill Boulevard and Cache Road at the Dew Drop Inn around midnight where they found a shooting victim lying in the parking lot.

The man identified as 24-year-old Kenneth Young was taken to a local hospital by ambulance where he died an hour later.

The bar's owner and bartender said they are running a friendly business that unfortunately is located in a rough area.

Bartender Tammy Allison says despite recent shootings in the bar's parking lot, she feels safe when she comes to work, and so do her customers.

"You know, retired  military, we have a great time. It's nothing...what they do out here is what they do. It has nothing to do with us inside," said Allison.

Back in May a man showed up at a local hospital with a gunshot wound to his arm after police say he was shot here.

Then in early September, a second man was hospitalized after he was shot multiple times in the parking lot next to the bar.

And a third shooting Saturday has left one man dead.

"Of course people are going to be a little skiddish, it upsets all of us. We don't like that. The owner is really upset about it, not just because it was her place of business, but someone was hurt in her parking lot," said Allison.

But despite that, Allison insists the shootings have nothing to do with their business.

"Not at all. Nope. Because it's nothing that reflects on the bar. Has nothing to do with that," said Allison.

She blames the crime and even Saturday's death on the rough area the business in located in.

She says their atmosphere is usually a tame one and says the owner has even raised the age of the customers let inside to 25, hoping to keep a younger rowdier bunch out.

She says none of the shootings have happened inside the bar and that what goes on outside her door is beyond their control.

"We've done everything we can do, I mean, we've got bouncers, we've got people watching. We've lit the parking lot totally up, we've got lights everywhere. What happens in the parking lot, we have no control over that. That can happen anywhere. It can happen in your front yard," said Allison.

Tammy Allison says even with Saturday's shooting death she has no doubt her regulars will return.

Police said no arrests had been made but were searching for two suspects that were described as black males who wore red and white shirts at the time of the shooting.

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